U.S. Navy looking to upgrade its C-130 Hercules aircraft fleet

U.S. Army officers describe improve of C-130 Airplane Hercules plane.

The Army supplies a continuing forward-deployed maritime strike and expeditionary energy coverage power, Army Rear Adm. Scott D. Conn, director of air battle within the Administrative center of the Leader of Naval Operations. stated, including that supporting the power requires a novel logistics infrastructure.

That capacity is Army Distinctive Fleet Crucial Airlift plane, he stated, noting that its fleet accommodates 24 C-130T Hercules plane and 15 C-40 plane for responsive, versatile and all of a sudden deployable air logistics enhance to struggle operations from the ocean.

“The C-130T fills the [airlift] necessities for out of doors shipment,” Conn stated. “It’s the simplest Army plane in a position to lifting all modules of the F-35 engine.”

Additional, he stated, the C-130T supplies distinctive skill to ship passengers and load to austere places, together with unprepared fields and runways not up to three,000 ft lengthy.

The Army finished the procurement of the C-130T’s in 1996, he stated, and now could be taking a look to recapitalize the trouble starting with advance procurement in fiscal yr 2019 by way of purchasing 3 plane in fiscal yr 2023.

“Nevertheless it’s now not simply [about] recapitalizing,” Conn stated. “It’s [about] modernizing the plane. We need to stay them related.”

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