Five Bonuses of Marketing Outsourcing to the Retail Environment

Five Bonuses of Marketing Outsourcing to the Retail Environment

Top Five Bonuses of Marketing Outsourcing to the Retail Environment

For many small and large companies are turning more and more to marketing outsourcing to achieve better market penetration at time of new product introduction. We have all seen marketing outsourcing personnel in such places as the grocery store handing out samples of this or that frozen entrée or cheese and cracker combination and this type of marketing specialist is commonly found in all areas of retailing. There are excellent reasons why this kind of specialized marketing outsourcing makes excellent marketing and financial sense especially when new product items are entering the market.  For most companies, marketing outsourcing involves contracting with a company like       Digital Alchemy that specializes in servicing the general product outreach needs of the client. There are five bonuses that come from use of marketing outsourcing in the retail arena, and the importance of these bonuses can make or break a product line in the market and bring increased success to a company’s bottom line.

Five Bonuses of Marketing Outsourcing to the Retail Environment


  1. Marketing outsourcing enables a company to introduce itself or a new product line to the market with explosive force. In today’s competitive marketplace, merely handing out samples, brochures or giving an intensive pep talk to retail employees will merely cost a company additional product development dollars with no guarantee that the brochures or samples will do more than become so much more space wasters in a landfill. The chances of a hand out cementing the brand in the minds of the customer are slight at best. But a marketing outsourcing professional can make the presentation of the product directly to the customer, gauge reaction, and in many cases simultaneously make the sale and set the brand identity firmly in the mind of not only one customer but others as well. The specialized market penetration that marketing outsourcing provides neutralizes the potential of the competition stealing the sale immediately and into the future by insuring the product line doesn’t merely get shoved into the back ground on a shelf.


  1. When a marketing outsourcing company is contracted to make presentations of new products they will often place a highly trained sales representative in the store for special demonstration days. These special demo days will present the product directly to the customer on the floor, maximizing the potential of what might be the one chance to make a sale and brand advocate of that one customer. That one customer might well end up being the best advertising of all, because he or she will bang the “brand drum” loudly if they have had a positive first experience with the product. It is the specialized marketing expertise of the specifically trained marketing outsourcing employee that will make this first customer contact so strongly positive. An additional benefit will be that the retailer’s own sales force will have the opportunity to learn more about the product being presented by watching a trained marketing outsourcing specialist make the introduction. Often product detail information will be more completely disseminated this way than any other retail staff training method.


  1. Marketing outsourcing will enable a small company with limited personnel financial resources to engage in special “saturation marketing” at the point of sale. By having a special team of highly trained “brand advocates” work the floor on demonstration days will enable a retailer to maximize the product introduction without incurring additional overhead. This kind of saturation sale will mean that the retailer is free to operate his or her retail environment while still gaining maximum penetration of a new product to the market. This concept is especially useful in peak seasonal sales efforts or for that special sales push or brand introduction on a high traffic weekend.


  1. Marketing outsourcing will often test the market and the recognition of a brand in the market place by the use of highly specialized and trained sales personnel who pose as retail customers to gather information. These “phantom shoppers” will gain information from regular sales associates and customers alike. This information will provide invaluable insight to the effectiveness of other marketing efforts, brand satisfaction and recognition. “Phantom Shoppers” are extremely well trained in the product line and are well equipped with the kind and variety of customer questions that will enable the manufacturer feedback of information that will help to strengthen the brand’s presence in the retail marketplace.


  1. Training of retail partners is a near priceless bonus of marketing outsourcing personnel. At the time of a product introduction, the availability of low cost specialized training personnel to achieve a maximum number of retail outlets at very low cost nearly simultaneously is an extraordinarily valuable service. A product line or brand can be presented to the retail staff clearly and completely over a wide territory at a fraction of the cost and far greater efficiency than if the typical small in-house marketing staff was placed entirely “on the road”. By use of marketing outsourcing a far wider brand differentiation can be achieved in any retail marketing environment regardless of the number and variety of competitors.

Marketing outsourcing enables the employment of effective and efficient methods of expansive marketing normally beyond the financial reach of most large and small companies. The branding service that marketing outsourcing can provide greatly assists companies to expand their presence in the retail marketplace.

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